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 We want to provide our customers with an experience that excels in both quality and service.

To offer a wide selection of options and budgets and build a long term client relationship providing flexibility, consistency and trust.


Meet the team

Friends since school we crossed paths again after University & evolved the idea of Arabica coffee shop. After years of early mornings, and with our hairlines receeding due to all our hard sandwich making efforts, we now also have Arabica Buffets. Work hard, play hard is our motto, however, due to our insistence on high quality customer service the play hard element has fallen by the way side.




We care for the environment

Because we want to try and do our bit for the environment where we can, please keep our buffet trays and lids after use. Just put any leftovers (hopefully none) in the bin or compost and we'll collect them from you. We have invested in specific cleaning products so we can clean and sanitise them ready for use again. We try to source everything local to reduce our company's carbon footprint.